Moving In DXL Projects are with you throughout the entire process of building your home. The DXL Projects Toolbox offers you a few tools to help make the home building experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

  1. Tips for picking suppliers
  2. Understanding your schedule
  3. Designing spaces

Tips for Picking Suppliers

DXL Projects give you the freedom to choose your own suppliers. Thanks to our decades of experience we’ve identified a list of reliable suppliers that reflect the superior quality of workmanship that we put into every home.

Our Suppliers

  • O’Donnell Cabinetmaking
  • Haymans Electricial
  • Austral, Boral & PGH Brick & Pavers
  • QLD Windows
  • Reece
  • Finch’s Mitre 10
  • JJ Kerr’s
  • Concept Tiles
  • Metroll Roofing Pty Ltd
  • Concept Tiles
  • Easylift
  • Central Coast Security Systems
  • Ten Commandments Granite and Marble
  • Betta Blinds
  • CQ Building Certification
  • Cardno Roadtest
  • Charlie’s Pest Control
  • Iron’s Truss Plant
  • Turfgrass Central Queensland
  • Rocky Refrigeration
  • Holcim (Australia) Pty Ltd

Our Subcontractors

  • G & L Dunnett Plasterboard
  • Dan Vaughan Plumbing and Gas
  • Floortalk
  • Greg Hoare Insulation
  • Shellcrete
  • KM & JS Smyth Painting Contractors
  • CDC Electrics
  • Spence Carpentry & Constructions
  • Finch Surveying Consultants
  • Kingdomclean
  • Alline Roofing Systems
  • Peter Cartright – Bricklayer

Understanding Your Schedule

Your selection schedule is an important tool during the building of your home. The schedule makes you completely aware of each construction activity as well as suppliers and subcontractors involved.

Designing Spaces

Drawing furniture directly onto your plans is a simple and effective way of designing spaces in your new home. Drawing the furniture to scale helps you visualize the end results.

We recommend making a photocopy of your plans then drawing your furniture on that copy using a pencil.